Web Pal FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The Emmett Web Pal blocks ads and trackers and keeps you safe while you are browsing the internet.
The Emmett Web Pal reduces unwanted ads and tracking. Because ads are heavy and slow down your browser, the Emmett Web Pal makes browsing significantly faster.
The Emmett Web Pal works on the Chrome browser. We are currently working on enabling the Web Pal in other browsers and on mobile devices.
Nothing. Any other browsers you might be using on your computer such as Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, or Safari are unaffected by the installation of the Chrome browser. You can still use those browsers to view websites on the internet. They simply will not yet have the Emmett Web Pal protecting your viewing from unwanted ads and trackers.
You will have the option to import your Favorites from another browser as you install the Chrome browser. For those who already have Chrome, you can also just go to Bookmarks in the Chrome browser by clicking the three horizontal lines on the top right next to the "E" and clicking "Bookmarks." There is an option to Import bookmarks or Add a new bookmark.
The Emmett Web Pal will be enabled for mobile devices in the future. Please join our mail list at http://www.emmettglobal.com/contact.php to receive our mailings with announcements of software updates.
Click here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/emmett-web-pal/chemfkcdhkijhallcfamihbdnnocoako Then click on the FREE button in the upper right corner. A browser tab will open with a page that introduces the Web Pal. Any tab you open in addition will show you the basic Web Pal page. Then click a new tab to open the Web Pal page.
Click the three horizontal lines next to the "E" on the Chrome browser. Click "Settings", "On Start Up." Click open a specific page or set of pages. Click "Set pages" and type in the address of your favorite home page. Click OK. Once you close Chrome and re-open it will automatically go to your favorite home page.
Yes, once installed, the Emmett Web Pal will work on every website you open in Chrome.
The "E" at the top of your browser means that you are protected by the Emmett Web Pal.
The "odometer" on the first tile of the Web Pal page shows you how many unwanted ads and trackers are being blocked. The odometer number is a running total that will change with each website you visit. You will be amazed at how many trackers are being blocked. You can view/refresh this number by opening a new tab in your chrome browser.
Not at this time. In future versions you will be able to see the names of the companies that are tracking you.
The best thing to do in this case is to go to the Chrome Extensions page (click Settings) and after installing the Web Pal unclick Adbloc Plus, Tamper Monkey and Don't Track Me Google. They are all included in the Emmett Web Pal.
Click the three horizontal lines next to the "E." Click "Tools" "Extensions" You will see all the Extensions you have enabled on that page. Simply unclick the one you do not want.