Personal Clouds Emmett

You bought a personal cloud, now what can you do with it?


First, Emmett and Respect Network would like to thank you for your support. As one of our first members, you are helping grow the world's first global private cloud network and all it can do.


In the remaining months of this year, we are building out key features of the network as fast as we can. We are also working with the 75 Founding Partners to deliver the first apps for the network that will take direct advantage of your personal cloud. We want to put these into your hands no later than the first quarter of 2015.


Until then, as one of our first members, you qualify for a free version of Emmett's Web Pal, our ad and tracker blocker, Meeco's Life Management Dashboard app and SocialSafe's social network backup app. To take advantage of this offer, login to your Personal Cloud and click on the "goodie bag of apps".

Don't have a personal cloud? Claim yours now!