Personal Cloud Emmett

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What is a Not-For-Profit Cloud or Business Cloud?

A not-for-profit or business cloud is just like a personal cloud except it is owned and controlled by a not-for-profit organization or business. Not-for-profit and business clouds can better enable non-profits to stay in touch with their partners, beneficiaries and donor base while respecting their privacy.

We're all beginning to realize just how important our identities, our privacy, and our choices are online - and how undervalued they are. With your personal cloud you are helping launch the first global network of apps and services that all respect your privacy. Your online information is precious. Until now, the growth of the Internet has been about large companies providing free services in exchange for using your online information.

Shouldn't it be you who decides who can see you - and all the details of your life?

We think so.

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